Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Log in to your account and choose Transfer Money. Select an existing account or add a non-Schwab account for transfers. To add a new account, you'll need your routing and account number. In addition to making a one-time deposit, Transfer Money is also where you can set up a recurring deposit.

Of course! After considering your options you can choose a Rollover or Roth IRA account, these rollovers are as simple as contacting your former employer plan administrator or custodian and telling them you want a direct rollover of your plan assets.

Next Steps

• Complete any forms required by your plan administrator or custodian.

• Decide how you want your retirement assets distributed.

• Your Schwab rollover specialist can assist you with questions depositing funds into your Schwab Intelligent Portfolios IRA.


• To prevent funds from being taxed, the check should be made payable to "Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., FBO (Your Name)."

• For an easy deposit, give your employer your Schwab Intelligent Portfolios IRA account number and ask them to include it on the check.

• Instruct your plan administrator or custodian to mail the check to: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., P.O. Box 628291, Orlando, FL 32862-8291.

If you need help, give us a call at 866-855-9102 to talk to a Rollover Consultant. If you are currently a Schwab Plan participant, please call 800-724-7526.

First, you should identify if you want to enroll a taxable or tax-advantaged account into Schwab Intelligent Portfolios. You can see the types of accounts commonly used below. You will need to have this information when you are completing the online questionnaire to receive a portfolio recommendation. 

• Taxable account types: Individual, Joint Tenant, Tenants in Common, Community Property, Custodial, Revocable Living Trust

• Tax-advantaged account types: Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA, Inherited IRA, SEP-IRA, SIMPLE IRA

To start the process, visit and log in. Select Open Account in the left rail.  You will enter the online questionnaire to build your portfolio. After you answer all the questions, you will receive a portfolio recommendation. On the next page, select Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, and you will begin the account enrollment process. 

You will be presented with two options – "Open a new account" or "Enroll an existing Schwab account." Select the latter. On the next page, you will have the ability to select the Schwab account you would like to enroll. Once you follow the prompts to review the appropriate disclosures, your account will be enrolled into Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, and your funds will likely be liquidated from your existing Schwab account and invested into your Schwab Intelligent Portfolios account within 3-5 days.

Note: if you are interested in a Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium account, you'll first need to enroll in a Schwab Intelligent Portfolios account then select "Explore Premium" in the left navigation after log in.

Transactions (e.g., account closures) can take up to five business days to process. Processing times are also noted in the Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Solutions Brokerage Agreement.

Yes, you can withdraw cash from your account at any time by logging in and selecting "Add/Withdraw Money."  If the requested amount is less than the cash allocation in your portfolio, you can transfer it to another Schwab account immediately or to a linked external account overnight.  If the withdrawal request exceeds your portfolio's cash allocation, we will sell ETFs to generate the requested amount of cash.  The processing and settlement takes between 4-6 business days.

After your withdrawal, your portfolio will be rebalanced to its target asset allocation if it has drifted significantly from the portfolio’s original target. Your withdrawal may also cause your account to become ineligible for tax-loss harvesting if you have enrolled in the service and your account falls below the $40,000 minimum.

No, beneficiaries are unique to each account number. You will need to establish new beneficiary instructions for any account you open.

Log in to and navigate to Service > My Profile > Beneficiaries. On this page you can manage your beneficiaries for your eligible accounts.

Start by logging in at

1. Click on Legal & Account Forms from the menu
2. Scroll down to Account Servicing Forms and select Designated Beneficiary Plan Application
3. Complete, sign and return the Designated Beneficiary Plan Agreement.

You can return this form to Charles Schwab in a number of ways.

• Online: Scan your completed paper form, log in to your Schwab Intelligent Portfolios account, select "Contact Us" from the menu options and upload the form as an attachment.

• Fax: You can fax your form to 888-526-7252 (El Paso Operations) or 800-955-7561 (Orlando Operations).

• Mail: Please follow the instructions on the form.

• In Person: Return your completed form to the nearest Schwab branch.

If you have any questions, call us at 1-855-694-5208.

If your goals are long term or haven't changed, it's a good idea to stay the course. However, if you still want to change your portfolio allocation, you can review and update your portfolio by retaking the questionnaire online. After log in, click the Profile tab and select Review Profile, then adjust your answers based on your new risk tolerance.

After you log in, you can use the online scheduler to set up a phone or video chat appointment. If you need to reschedule, simply click the "reschedule" link in either the confirmation email or your online dashboard, and reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.

If applicable, we recommend involving your partner or spouse. Also, have the documents you used to complete the online planning tool on hand for discussion during the appointment. If you connect to your financial accounts automatically, it may still be helpful to have your documents on hand. Review the checklist so you're prepared to make the most of your appointment. You'll need:

• Investment account statements

• Recent paycheck

• Recent tax returns

• Employee retirement account information

• If applicable: Social Security statements

• Annual statement or policy summary on life insurance: type, premium, coverage expiration dates

• Basic estate planning information such as will, trust, etc.

Simply open the secure online planning tool and begin by identifying your goals. As you move through the process, you can play with different scenarios to help you see the potential impacts of your choices. You can do it all at your own pace, saving what you've entered and coming back when you're ready. For the best experience, we recommend that you:

• Involve your partner or spouse, if applicable

• Use a laptop or desktop computer

• Have access to all your financial accounts (or you can connect to your existing accounts automatically)

Whether you meet by phone or video chat, the CFP® professional will review the information you entered in the online planning tool, discuss your personal situation, and create a customized Action Plan for you to follow in pursuit of your goals. Ongoing, a CFP® professional will be available to you for annual check-ins or when your goals or needs change.

The initial meeting lasts about an hour. Check-ins last about 30 minutes.

A CFP® professional will contact you by phone at the scheduled date and time. When logged in to Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium you will see a "Join Meeting" button in the Appointment Details section 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting. The button will change to "Meet Now" 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. You may then access the virtual meeting room. Since the CFP® professional will contact you by phone, you do not need to connect audio in the video conference session.

  • When you contact us, we're there 24/7.

    Any time you have questions, you can get in touch with a Schwab professional.